Bottega Veneta Bets That You Still Want To Shop In A Store

by MR Magazine Staff

Going from Bottega Veneta’s brand-new New York City flagship to the Bottega Veneta fashion show, housed in the iconic American Stock Exchange Building, is a surprisingly unsurprising experience. The couches where models will chat easily during the show, the elaborate dining room table setups, even the slate-gray color scheme: it seems like everything’s been moved from the store to the temporary stage. The models even walk the runway toting the same bags—with the same stamped-on initials—customers can get in the store. The only giveaway? Julianne Moore, who joins for the runway festivities. The event is intended to showcase the new collection, but also to celebrate and promote the label’s spanking-new shop in New York City, now the largest flagship location in Bottega’s portfolio. Bottega typically shows in Milan, but it made a one-time exception this season to properly launch the store. A monumental new store deserves a monumental runway show. Read more at GQ.