by Karen Alberg Grossman

After 83 years with a single iconic fashion emporium in downtown Philadelphia, Boyds is about to venture into the suburbs with an exciting pop-up concept to open October 7th at Suburban Square in Ardmore.

Kent Gushner, third-generation Boyds owner who invested in an extensive (and expensive) total store renovation prior to the pandemic (and prior to the horrific ‘smash and grab’ looting that forced him to close the store until mid-September), says he’d been considering a second location for some time. “Back in the early pandemic, pre-looting, I realized a pop-up opportunity could mitigate our losses in the city,” he told MR. “I believed a second location in the suburbs would appeal to both current clients uncomfortable coming into the city as well as to new customers, men, and women.”

Gushner also believes that this temporary location in an outdoor shopping center (vs. the indoor King of Prussia mall) is a perfect venue during a pandemic as the safety of indoor malls is still in question. “It’s a great location with lots of foot traffic,” he explains. “Plus, it’s the community where I grew up and where I now live so I know lots of people. At 8,200 square feet, it’s actually bigger than I wanted but it greatly expands our opportunity for fall/holiday selling and provides insight into our future capacity for multiple stores.”

Since the space was previously an Urban Outfitters, Gushner admits it needed a little work to transform from raw and lofty to chic and luxurious. “But it’s very cool space and we’re enjoying the process of creating something new and exciting.” According to Gushner, the mix will be half men’s/half women’s to start but “I won’t be surprised if it ends up more like 30/70.”

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    1. Congratulations! Perfect location for you at Suburban Square and the demographics of the area work in your favor. Boyd’s Pop Up will be an additional draw to the shopping center.

  1. Kent
    I’m very sure it will be great for the suburbs to have a store like Boyd’s
    Wishing you the best of luck

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