by Stephen Garner

Photos by Fujio Emura

David Raysse and Billy Dill of footwear and ready-to-wear collection Brandblack hosted an exclusive launch with Kinfolk at 180 the Store in Tribeca to preview the brand’s spring/summer 2019 collection with a photography installation by Jack Bool.

The event took place on Monday, July 23 at 180 the Store in Manhattan, drinks were sponsored by Vice’s signature beer Old Blue Last and The Bronx Brewery, music was by Nas Leber and GVIJIN.

The spring/summer 2019 collection, called “Kind Warning”, was inspired by photographs from photographer Jack Bool. His images are simple, everyday places and people but they hold a dark mystery within them. “They remind me of the movie Blue Velvet by David Lynch, normal town at the surface but as you go just slightly deeper you find something very dark and different,” said Billy Dill, creative director of Brandblack.

“We wanted to take that theme of ‘just below the surface’ and create a collection that if you look a little deeper you will find details that create something unique and unexpected” continued Dill. “The name for the collection was quite literally taken from a fire extinguisher that we found in China on our last development trip. The juxtaposition of the two words ‘Kind’ and ‘Warning’ just felt perfect. It is both welcoming and dangerous, like a Lynch film, a Jack Bool photo or our current collection.”