Browns Explore High Performance, Fitness, And Everything Inbetween With Tayler Prince-Fraser

by MR Magazine Staff

Browns Menswear recently linked up with Last Pick Athletics Club founder and model Tayler Prince-Fraser to take a closer look into his world. The lines between street and sportswear are more blurred than ever, with footwear and apparel built for tougher terrain dominating the urban jungle more than ever. Browns have stayed hot on the heels of the brands doing this better than anyone else, showcased with their latest crop of products they’re labeling as ‘high-performance’. To highlight the hottest lines within the range, the Menswear team linked up with Tayler to shoot the products in action around London. While they discussed LPAC, health, goals, and everything in between, a range of high-performance brands steal the spotlight. On display are the likes of Nemen, Salomon, A-COLD-WALL*, Soar, Satisfy, and more, each of which makes it apparent that Browns buyers have stayed way ahead of the curve. Read more at Complex UK.