Can Mystery Thrifting Save Fashion’s Waste Problem?

It’s no secret that fashion has a waste problem. Trends dominate the industry at all ends of the supply chain, pushing luxury labels and fast-fashion brands alike to create more and more collections each year. In turn, shoppers are pressured to keep up with the growing supply, to buy every trend that garners acclaim on the market, even if that means purchasing something that was mass-produced. A month later and the cycle begins again, the of-the-moment pieces we had to have just weeks ago now gathering dust in stock rooms — or worse, in landfills outside of the industry’s purview. While buying from eco-friendly brands can help lessen the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, the most sustainable way to shop is to buy clothes that already exist. Knowing this is what inspired Topper Luciani, a vet in the used and vintage fashion arena, to launch his Houston-based start-up Goodfair in 2018. Read more at Refinery 29.