Capsule Las Vegas: Fashion Director’s Picks

by William Buckley

It shouldn’t surprise you to know, we work closely with the MRket show. We work for the same company, in the same office, and we support each other as much as possible: we love those guys. Each market we all spend a first full day on the MRket show floor, but in the interests of objectivity, the following days are spent further afield. Day two, not too far, just down the halls to the other shows in the Sands Expo and Convention Center, the other members of our Modern Assembly. Like good parents we don’t play favorites, but Edina at Capsule is a diamond, so their show’s usually next on the hit list. Some favorite finds below.


This line by personal friend Gilbert Chen has evolved from his successful signature shirts to a more knit-focused collection. Still offering core shirting styles, Barque’s knits are beautiful, and while somewhat ironic since he moved from New York, to LA, and most recently to Nice in the sunny south of France, the knits are fantastic, still with that Americana influence that put the brand on the map. $90 – $220.

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One of the founders of seminal LA punk shoe store NaNa, Paul Kaufman began importing British footwear that complemented the punk movement in the 1970s. From importing to embellishing to the creation of their own shoe line, Kaufman’s a footwear veteran, and this, his eponymous collection launched in 2010, is an ode to traditional shoe making with a contemporary twist. $190 – $520.

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What began as a showroom and site, created as an intersection between technical outdoor gear and apparel, and a style-minded boutique, now includes an in-house clothing line, a retail store on Elizabeth Street, the Above Tree Line trade show, and an Armor Lux boutique on Mulberry Street.

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Snow Peak

Founded in 1958 by accomplished mountaineer Yukio Yamai  who grew up in a mountainous region along the west coast of Japan, Snow Peak is an outdoor brand with Japanese style sensibilities. While most North American outdoor brands favor function so far above fashion that any injection of the latter falls fairly flat, Snow Peak offers both substance and style. $80 – $600.

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A knitwear company that responsibly sources the highest quality Mongolian cashmere, Naadam’s cashmere camo cape…enough said. $75 – $850.

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Because there just aren’t enough ponchos on the streets of America’s cities, and certainly none as excellent as those offered by Lazuli.

5Vegas Capsule

Anzevino Getty

While there wasn’t anyone on the booth as I breezed by, that black and white wool overcoat reached out and slapped me in the face. I had to take a picture, and while I couldn’t get any info on the spot, some light investigation uncovered not one but two brands, Anzevino (William) and August Getty have come together to combine their sartorial talents. I’m all about that overcoat.

7Vegas Capsule


Little River Sock Mill

While hosiery has been an integral part of everyone’s wardrobe since apprx. The Dawn of Time, it took that nominally saccharine brand Happy Socks to really kick the kids’ sock game into gear. And while new sock entrepreneurs abound, many of the already entrenched are enjoying the illumination of a refocused limelight. Gina Locklear has been in the business since the ’90s, recently launching the top-drawer line, Little River Sock Mill. $12 – $20.

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Named after the Mexican municipality, these merino wool knits are hand woven in Mexico. Bold patterns, big colors, the brutal New York winter would’ve been well served by these robust jumpers. $130 – $220.

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