Stetson Celebrates 150 Years

by Elise Diamantini

In honor of Stetson’s 150th anniversary, the company is launching, an interactive timeline where consumers can learn about the brand’s rich history.

STETSON 150 Main Shot

STETSON 150 Timeline Shot

Customer can even buy the modern day versions of the some of the classic styles that they see on the timeline. also has fun city guides written by bloggers, artists and musicians who are true fans of the brand.


Customers can explore various cities like Nashville, Dallas and Philadelphia through an insider’s eyes. Video plays an integral role on the website too. Viewers can watch how a hat is made and see the process of what goes into each Stetson hat. The website will be live all year long and Stetson will continue to promote the site through the various sweepstakes to keep customers engaged and excited.