Carroll & Co. Opens Robert Talbott Shop-in-Shop

by Harry Sheff

Robert Talbott has opened a shop-in-shop in the Beverly Hills men’s specialty store Carroll & Co. The company intends this to be the first of many similar retail concepts in specialty stores across the country.


“This is an important milestone for us as we continue to grow our retail footprint and engage customers with our lifestyle brand,” said Talbott CEO Bob Corliss. “Through this initiative, we have an opportunity to provide the Robert Talbott brand experience to customers at stores across the country – an experience that was previously only limited to our branded stores. We are happy to launch the first ‘shop-in-shop’ with Carroll & Company, and we look forward to working with several high-end retailers throughout the year to bring the Robert Talbott lifestyle directly to their customers.”


The 20 ft. by 15 ft. shop-in-shop in Carroll & Co. features a wide array of Talbott’s menswear assortment.

Carroll & Co. was founded in 1949 by Warner Bros. publicist Richard Carroll.