by Karen Alberg Grossman

When two young ambitious guys opened a little menswear shop in Denver 43 years ago, neither ever dreamed it would become one of most highly respected, world-class fashion emporiums in the country. On the occasion of the so-called retirement of Andrisen Morton co-founder Craig Andrisen (pictured above at left with co-founder Dave Morton), friends and colleagues – none of whom actually believe he’s retiring – want to thank him for spreading so much of his joie de vivre and genuine thoughtfulness. Here, a small sampling of the accolades:

“One word best sums up Craig Andrisen: FUN! His passion for the industry and passion for life remain unmatched. Whatever it is you’re doing with Craig, he always finds a way to make it exciting. What’s more, he’s a great friend to all. Congrats Craig on an amazing career and thanks for all you give back to so many of us.”  Bob Mitchell, Mitchells Stores

“Love Craig Andrisen: it’s always Laugh, Laugh, Laugh! When Craig’s name shows up on my phone, I know I’m in for an amazing story followed by lots of laughter. That said, his best attribute is actually his very kind and caring demeanor. Craig has taught me a lot about the business through the years. I’m very thankful for his friendship and love knowing he’s just a phone call away.” Scott Ruerup, Peter Millar

“Although Craig limits it to ‘just one show a day,’ it’s always a great show: the big smile, the energy, the storytelling, the jokes, all reflecting Craig’s tremendous passion for the menswear business, and for life! How do you not love this guy? Craig is a loyal friend with a passion for people, golf, any kind of chicken and lots of Pinot Noir! Together with his partner Dave Morton, Craig built–one relationship at a time–a world class men’s store in Denver Colorado. Dave and his daughter Lindsay will capably continue A & M and will certainly welcome Craig to bring his show to the store as often possible! We wish him and his beautiful wife Christy good health, tons of fun, and of course much laughter! Craig: you are the best; love ya brother!” Mario Bisio, Mario’s/Mitchells

“Craig is widely respected for his impeccable taste. He is a master of scouting out new lines and he’s taught me to pay attention to details: from fabric content to the quality of the zippers. But on a more personal note, Craig is like a second father to me. He’s taught me so much over the 15 years we’ve worked together. We’ve had our share of ups and downs but he always believed in me and for this, I’m forever grateful. He taught me how to love life even when it’s tough, to never be afraid, to have fun and be calculating in all decisions you make. There’s just something about Craig. He’s one of a kind and our relationship is so special. His guidance and steadfast support are such gifts. His infectious personality captures the attention of so many and he will be very much missed in the market. However, if I know Craig, the cameo appearances are coming! Thank you, Craig. We love you and will keep your legacy with us wherever we go!” Lindsay Morton Gaiser, President/GMM, Andrisen Morton

“Craig is the Rainmaker. He’s pals with John Elway, plays golf with Peyton Manning, and wardrobes many of Denver’s rich, famous and athletically gifted. But perhaps his most notable characteristic is that he never stops selling: it’s in his DNA! He and Christy live near us in Denver and are the ultimate fun couple.” Stu Nifoussi, founder and former publisher, MR magazine

“I’ve heard many professional comedians in my life but Craig delivers way above them all.” Frank Schipani, men’s fashion guru and author

“Our industry knows Craig Andrisen as a passionate seller and merchandiser. Perceptive, fun, funny and just the right amount of challenging. Always in quest of the absolute finest quality. Based on these characteristics, he and Dave have built one of the finest stores in America. I’m fortunate to know Craig not just as a merchant but as a friend. He’s always been supportive and loyal. I have to say that he’s made my life better. More interesting, fun and successful. Lots of laughs and a few tears. Thank you is not enough.” Bob (Roberto) White, Hubert White, Minneapolis

With his buddy John Elway

“Craig Andrisen: the man, the myth, the legend…When you’re around Craig, his infectious personality and charisma instantly elevate your mood. When Craig walks into a room, the room takes notice. From his abundant energy to his impeccably curated, color coordinated outfit that screams fashionista. With one catch phrase and a joke, you are transported into his beautifully demented, charming world. He is the ultimate people person and with his stepping back a bit, our industry will shine a little less brightly.” Peter Schmid, Canali

“Craig Andrisen: Where does one start? Well, how about when a walk back from lunch that should take five minutes turns into a half hour? Craig knows everyone in town and they all want to stop and chat with him. He can’t escape it because he’s easy to spot – the guy with the green pants and purple belt. It’s like being with the mayor of Cherry Creek, where entrees on the menu bear his name. And yes, they are chicken dishes. Not to be shared. In addition to his great style, Craig’s warmth and friendliness are signature character traits. His friendship has meant a great deal to me over the years. He’s a celebrity in his own right and we all wish him only the best. William Kleinberg, w.kleinberg belts

“Craig is truly a legend in our industry. His talent, style and vision have shaped Andrisen Morton for more than 42 years. But the most important part of our history is, through thick and thin, we’ve always been anchored by friendship. Now as the Morton family moves the brand forward, we will always stand on Craig’s shoulders. What a guy, what a career!” Dave Morton, Andrisen Morton


  1. Super congratulations for taking the business with great humor and excellent success 🍾🥂

    1. Craig and Dave, congratulations on your storybook careers with great success! Knowing you both over the years, particularly during the Zegna days, you were so passionate and committed to our industry and craft. Best wishes in your years to come…all the best!
      Larry A Dykhouse

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