Why Central Saint Martins Looms So Large In The Fashion World

by MR Magazine Staff

A supremely talented artist, formidable in ability by all accounts, has only a six-percent chance of making it into the most prestigious undergraduate fashion program in the world. This meager statistic shrinks to two percent if our hypothetical applicant is then able to harvest his money, blood, and spirit and be selected to show in said program’s yearly fashion show – a place where legends are born. Central Saint Martins rests at the pinnacle of the very best – the crème de la crème of talented would-be designers who hold the future aesthetic of us mere mortals in their hands. Talent flocks to CSM from all around the globe to be trained, curated and for a lucky few, to debut in a yearly fashion show where media, buyers and industry figureheads present a one-off opportunity to make it big in a famously cutthroat business. CSM’s recent move from London’s SoHo to a set of Victorian industrial buildings in King’s Cross, replete with £200 million GBP ($260 million USD) worth of renovations, stands testament to the school’s shining success. With a new lecture theater sponsored by LVMH and having cultivated the then-undiscovered likes of John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Christopher Kane, one may argue that CSM isn’t simply a fashion academy, but rather, it is synonymous with the industry itself and is the epicenter of its future. Read more at Hypebeast.