by John Russel Jones

Drawing inspiration from nature’s strength and beauty, Canada Goose and Cole Sprouse have teamed up once again for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2022 campaign. Following a successful Spring 2022 partnership, Sprouse brings to life the brand’s latest Live in the Open campaign, which pays homage to those who have traversed the lands before us, encouraging everyone to venture to new heights.

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Directed and photographed by photographer and actor Cole Sprouse, the campaign honors and celebrates mother nature’s beauty, its natural elements and evolution while showcasing Canada Goose’s product performance credentials in Western Canada. Using both digital and analog cameras, Sprouse captures the richness of the environment and all its natural charm as well as the vibrant colors of the brand’s latest collection.

“It’s always been about how we choose to live and interact with our environment. Far gone are the days of man versus nature, the biggest challenge of our generation is learning how we can live in harmony alongside it,” said Sprouse. “It’s only fitting that Canada Goose, with its lineage so firmly entrenched in the Canadian wilderness, retreats to the Canadian Rockies for its Fall/Winter Live in the Open campaign. I’m thrilled to partner with the brand again and capture this campaign that celebrates the beauty of nature in all its honesty.”

Everyone on the team, from styling to makeup to photography assistants, set out to “Live in the Open” in a colder region and were kept warm in the brand’s newest collection, allowing them to truly embrace the elements and focus on their tasks at hand.