CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo
by Brian Lipton

CR7 Cristiano RonaldoOnline denim brand CR7, founded by soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, will launch a new line of woven shirts on Friday, September 29

The CR7 slim–fit and super slim fit signature shirts are crafted from modern stretch poplin, characterized by a high performance look and feel.  Details will include a contemporary point collar, narrow front placket, torqued gussets and CR7 branded trims.  The shirts have been engineered and treated with clima-cool properties that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and have high levels of Flex, to allow a full range of movement. Shirts will run 69-$89, depending on the shirt category and style.

“We set out to launch a category that we feel effortlessly communicates and embodies Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal sense of style and DNA,” says creative director Zak Venter. “The Signature slim-fit woven collection for us very simply compliments the full range of highly technical denim jeans that we currently have trading in the market, offering a luxe, comfortable performance driven basic to complete the everyday gentlemen’s wardrobe. Like Cristiano, who is always on the move and has achievement and d performance in his makeup, we wanted to launch a category that embodies those exact characteristics. We believe we offer a well-made, woven collection to the global market that carries a rare balance of luxury and comfort, underpinned by technical elements that drives movement, innovation and performance at a fair price!”