by Stephen Garner

Davi’s sixth collection opens up a reflection on our times, a personal take on how recent events have deeply affected us, as individuals and as a society, of how our lives and habits have severely and lastingly been challenged.

The spirit of the brand’s new men’s fall/winter 2021 collection evolves, to embody its classic codes, such as brushed floral prints, and soft, comfortable fabrics.

A butterfly print symbolizes how ephemeral moments of happiness are, but also how they can also mutate and transform into a different, new emotion. In this all-over print, butterflies are represented in grey, as if they were caught in a storm, or in a delicate shade, welcoming the bright light of a new morning.

Flowers and leafy tree branches, delicately hand-painted, adorn tailored pieces: they recall fleeting art pieces drawn with white chalks on Parisian sidewalks. Like a personal message of hope, a call for peace.

This season’s prints recall very old color photos, overblown for advertising of a bygone era, and left to face the slow, fading effect of time passing by.

Tailoring is particular, unique. The vintage touch of the fabrics reminds us of the looks of students protesting in the ‘70s, with a hint of flares and ambitious lapels. The color palette is dominated by dark shades of grey, blended with dusty rose, rusty and warm colors, military greens mixed with navy blue.

The collection was shot in a historical, traditional Parisian bistro. It evokes a strong yearning to come back to… the way things were before? A new balanced way of life? Or an unchartered path toward a new destiny?