by Stephen Garner

Davi‘s seventh collection is a reflection on the cryptic ways of communication.

The Parisian label’s spring/summer 2022 collection continues using its signature floral prints, but, this time, Davi Paris is exploring the meaning of these flowers. Because, according to the brand, dressing a certain way conveys a message to an audience, a full bloom and floral prints aim to communicate a need of sharing real human feelings.

In the same way, red roses mean love and passion, the saturated hibiscus, oil-painted peonies, embroidered wisteria, and jasmine prints featured on the clothing this season’s florals also have their very own meaning: beauty, renewal, friendship, delight.

The silhouettes this season are relaxed, evoking a ’70s spirit. Floating silky shirts and trousers seem painted with watercolors in various shades of pink, lilac, violet. The rain of color drops becomes feathers on a sartorial jacket, and a delicately embroidered branch of wisteria decorates transparent blouses and tank tops.

The golden bronze necklaces – born from a special collaboration with Jewelry designer Alican Icoz – combine iris and rose petal charms, pearls, and thorns, to create a subtle and sensual contrast.

And, in the perspective to emphasize the use of alternative languages, the collection video refers to sign language, combined with music and to the visual vocabulary of flowers and colors, all playing simultaneously to send a delicate message of love and hope.