Designers share their inspirations for spring 2020

by Stephen Garner


“With a keen interest in exploring the hardness of the urban environment against the softness of an untouched culture, ABYSM’s debut spring/summer 2020 collection is inspired by the duality cultural and life experiences from Wu’s youth, fused with her desire to explore unconventional materials with bold silhouettes.” – Qian Wu, designer.


“For the spring/summer ‘20 collection, I was really inspired by the Jim Jarmusch film, Only Lovers Left Alive. In particular, the scenes shot in Tangier and Morocco, which visually transport you to another time and place. As always, embroideries and textiles from Northern Africa inspire me and I seek to incorporate the work into the collection wherever I can” – Michael Nelson, designer.




“The wind beneath our wings… inspired by the wings of birds and their display of colors, the technical water repellency of feathers and weightlessness…the ultimate form of ‘freedom’.” – Christopher Bevans, designer.


“Feign’s spring/summer 2020 entitled ‘Where’s the Honey’ features a praying mantis ripping a bee in half in search for honey, under the misinformed idea that honey comes from inside bees. The mantis will never find the honey it’s looking for, it is actually destroying the source. The concept is a metaphor for invasive, irresponsible government and corporate activity, in which lives and the environment are put at risk in an endless quest to maximize power and profit.” – Jon James, creative director and Jené Stefaniak, managing director.


“KA WA KEY has been inspired by people who have sailed the seas, people who have stories to tell; sailors, seamen, fishermen and their families, partners and friends waiting back home. KA WA KEY is re-telling these romantic and sensual stories of these people. The stories are like old films or faded old photographs, beautiful memories, glimpses of how things were.” – Key Chow and Jarno Leppanen, designers.


“This season, we have partnered with L.C. King Manufacturing Co. in Bristol, Tennessee to produce a permanent collection of 12oz denim ‘Essentials’, a 7-piece capsule that encompasses what we consider the necessity of a modern man’s wardrobe. Made up of 3 outerwear pieces, 3 sets of trousers, and a utility vest, the capsule is concise, minimalist in design, contemporary in silhouette, and accessible in its price point.” – Mike Rubin, designer.


Red Desert by Michelangelo Antonioni.”


“Inspired by the Stonewall Inn Riot, 50 years ago, the Private policy spring/summer 2020 collection is a call for Comm-unity, so we can overcome societal challenges and prevail with courage together.” – Siying Qu and Haoran Li, designers.


“We wanted to portray the ‘fun’ of dressing up. We are growing older and so are our friends. Tailoring is coming more into play and with GROUPE, we had the resources to do it well, do it our way, which is flooded with visual and physical texture. The cut is unstructured but tailored because of the fabrication and details.” – Timo Weiland, Donna Kang, Alan Eckstein, designers.


“Remain open and alert to all possibilities. For the spring/summer 2020 collection, the designer envisioned the correlation power between all the matter in the universe and fused fashion with art from a quantum theory perspective, depicting a reverie towards a far-flung mystery land.”


“Taking place in a Greek primary school in the ‘70s, the spring/summer 2020 collection explores the idea of nationalism and education.”


“Extended’s Finale represents the result of spiritual enlightenment.” – Julian Woodhouse and Kirill Kabachenko, designers.


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