by John Russel Jones

Arrive and Eddie Bauer today launched the (Re)Adventure program offering resale and rental to make the outdoors more accessible and offer alternative, more sustainable shopping options. (Re)Adventure powered by Arrive enables customers to purchase refurbished items at reduced prices or rent popular products for their adventures.

While resale continues to grow at a rapid rate, returns are also growing. In 2021, the U.S. saw $761B in returned products with 20% of those products not able to be resold and many ending up in the landfill, according to the NRF and BBC respectively.

“We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Eddie Bauer to launch resale with our Returns to Recommerce™ offering,” says Rachelle Snyder, Arrive CEO and Co-Founder. “Arrive helps transform the major returns problem that many companies face into a revenue-driving channel.”

Arrive offers recommerce technology for any company to launch resale via a branded experience connected to their mainline ecommerce site. Products are restored, graded, and listed for resale at price points associated with their condition.

“Arrive has been an incredible partner for Eddie Bauer as the brand continues to work towards its circular business model goals. Not only are we able to offer customers new and more accessible ways to outfit their adventures, but we are keeping more used gear out of landfills and on the trails where it belongs,” says Kristen Elliott, VP of Marketing at Eddie Bauer.

Brands and retailers are finding that launching a circular channel is essential to remain relevant, competitive, and innovative.