by Brian Lipton


English Laundry footwear will launch in fall 2016. The line, which will retail from under $100 to $250, will be created by Prodigy Brands. The collection will be divided into two categories, one that will focus on the brands extensive history in the tailored arena, and the other, a more casual assortment that reflects English Laundry’s proud British heritage.

The company, which began as an elaborate shirt line in 1984, has evolved over the past three decades into a complete lifestyle brand, featuring suits, jackets, headwear, cufflinks, watches, ties, fragrances, accessories, which unites the iconic patterns of the 1960s and 1970s with the needs and fashion of today’s man.

“When we were approached with the opportunity to create a footwear collection for English Laundry, I immediately recognized the perfect fit for our company,” said Serge Abecassis, CEO of Prodigy Brands. “We were not in the market for other brands, but I felt that English Laundry had significant recognition and an established characteristic that would allow our design team to create a collection that is sophisticated, yet fun.”

“The addition of Prodigy Brands to our current assortment of licensing partners completes the English Laundry collection in both tailored and sportswear categories,” added Ralph Gindi, COO of Bluestar Alliance, which owns English Laundry. “This is certainly exciting news for the department stores. The English Laundry customer is loyal and has a tendency of making multiple purchases during a single visit, and now he can be dressed from head to toe.”