Privé Revaux
by Stephen Garner

Privé RevauxFollowing the brand’s successful launch this summer, premium handmade eyewear company Privé Revaux is opening a flagship store in New York City to create a fully-immersive experience into the brand’s “world”. This will be the brand’s first brick-and-mortar presence.

Located at 120 W. 42nd Street, the Privé Revaux flagship store, which soft-launched last week, will allow customers to try-before-they-buy and will feature four interactive vignettes that evoke personalities from the brand’s sunglasses – The Artist, The Billionaire, The Dreamer and The Explorer. Each social media-friendly vignette allows customers to physically step inside and utilize props, creating memorable moments. Easy-to-read handles and hashtags, including the brand’s signature #ReframeYourself, encourage social sharing.

Privé RevauxIn addition, the pop-up pays homage to New York City via a life-sized subway car covered in graffiti with campaign images inside. Patrons can be photographed in the subway car while wearing a pair of Privé Revaux sunglasses, including the new Icon Collection with styles such as The Einstein, The McQueen, The Karl and The Jackie O.  Each design is crafted by hand with high-end materials including acetate and proprietary lightweight, yet durable metal alloy. Additional features include polarized lenses, newly designed hinge screws and more; again only retailing for $29.95 per pair (two pairs for $54.95).

Having only launched online a mere five months ago by founder and entrepreneur David Schottenstein, the brand has sold over 300,000 pairs of glasses, profiting over $5 million within the first three months. With the intention of disrupting the eyewear market, the brand offers affordable, high quality and on-trend eyewear retailing for an affordable price.

Privé Revaux