by Stephen Garner

Faire is hosting a two-day online trade show event on August 26th-27th to help retailers and brands connect during a particularly challenging holiday season.

The event will feature the debut of new interactive live-streams from over 25 brands representing a variety of categories, expanding to more brands on the marketplace later this year.

Earlier this year, Faire announced new tools and online events with the purpose of bringing the Faire community together to connect in the absence of traditional trade shows. The cancellation and postponement of trade shows across the country have created a significant need for both brands and retailers to find an alternative to the 2020 buying holiday season.

According to Faire’s July survey data, half of retailers and brands report that trade show cancellations have interrupted their business plans this year, with 70 percent of retailers and brands canceling all business-related travel.

Faire’s new “Summer Market” is designed to solve some of the immediate challenges related to in-person events by providing a safe start to the holiday season while enriching the marketplace year-round with new powerful buying tools.

Interactive video shopping has been rapidly adopted across several direct-to-consumer platforms, and now Faire is bringing video shopping to wholesale. Its live-streaming experience is built to emphasize interactivity, engagement, and reach, helping retailers and brands connect the way they would during a typical trade show. Through live-streaming, a brand can demo products, showcase new colors and textures in more detail, or share merchandising ideas, all while answering live questions from retailers viewing the stream.

During the two-day event, more than 25 brands from a diverse set of categories including TeaDrops, S’well, Twisted Wares, 1818 Farms, and Larissa Loden Jewelry will showcase their lines through live-streaming, accessible to all retailers on the platform.

A full schedule of the Faire Summer Market live-streaming program will be released in early August, and the company will continue to bring live-streaming to more brands later this year.

Faire Summer Market is free for all Faire retailers to participate. Visit faire.com/summer-market to RSVP.

Brands can participate and be featured across the Faire Summer Market event page simply by setting up a show special to be offered from August 26th-27th.


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