by Karen Alberg Grossman

Jerry Garcia Art in FashionYou might think you know Jerry Garcia’s Art in Fashion but the new designs for the relaunch collection are more exciting than ever. As are some of the new licensees, including Barbara Blank’s creations for the sock collection.

Says Garcia founder and president Irwin Sternberg, “Because of Barbara’s amazing design talent and her love of fine art, she wanted to create these first limited editions from Jerry’s art in its purist form. Barbara has been the vision behind the JS Blank Co, an industry icon more than 100 years. Her passion for what she believes in and her ability to create magnificent designs are reasons why we’re thrilled to have her join our Jerry Garcia Team.”

Many of Jerry’s other designs will be created using less literal inspiration from his art. Explains Sternberg, “Each collection for this 25th anniversary launch will involve limited editions of Jerry’s art that will not be repeated in future collections, making them true collectibles. His iconic ‘Fish’ drawing will inspire the logo as it did when the collection was first launched to great acclaim at Bloomingdale’s in 1992.”

Jerry Garcia Art In FashionAccording to Sternberg, plans for the national launch are underway in San Francisco and NYC with special guest appearances and other surprises. Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Famer and one of the Grateful Dead’s biggest fans, will be the National Spokesperson for the brand. Says Sternberg, “Bill has loved wearing our products throughout the years and looks forward to these new collections.”

According to Sternberg, Cleve Shirt Makers has worked extremely hard creating new Jerry looks within their men’s and boys’ sports shirts, pants and shorts. Other licenses include jewelry and watch collections from Lotus, and iconic eyewear (men’s and women’s) from Cejon, a division of Steve Madden.

“Our Journey is far from over and I welcome other companies to join our Garcia Family,” says Sternberg. “With close to a million names on the Jerry Garcia web site, the opportunity is enormous.”

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