Five Fits With: Stranger Things Star Brett Gelman

Brett Gelman has appeared in a vast number of television shows and films, but with his most recent role in Stranger Things, he’s starting to gain proper recognition for his talent. It’s not a new thing; he’s always been funny, and he’s always been able to tap into the depth of the human psyche to inform how he plays his characters. Perhaps you knew of Brett prior to Stranger Things, but you probably didn’t know that he’s obsessed with fashion, in all its forms. Like most fashion fans, his interests inform his style. He’s deeply into ’90s hip-hop, and references the styling and products of Aimé Leon Dore often; he’s into dark films and comedic giants from the latter half of the 20th century, so he also finds himself in Bode and Dries Van Noten. Read more at Esquire.