G7 Politicians Reach International Accord: No Ties

High up in the Bavarian Alps this weekend, the leaders of the Group of Seven nations reached a new international agreement on the politics of neckties: don’t wear them.

When the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Britain and the United States convened against the pastoral mountain-range backdrop at Elmau Castle in southern German for their customary “family photo,” all seven opted to wear jackets without ties, marking the first time in forty years this has happened. (President Biden, Bloomberg reports, wore his “trademark aviator sunglasses” en route to the site, but removed them for the picture.) Read more at GQ.

One Reply to “G7 Politicians Reach International Accord: No Ties”

  1. Just my opinion, but I’d pay more attention to a gentleman with a tie.
    Even when its worn RAKISHLY ASKEW as with Comme Des Garcons,
    or HANDSOME COOL as with Prada!
    Timeless gentleman style.

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