by Brian Lipton
Getty Images for Generation Tux
Getty Images for Generation Tux

George Zimmer is always thinking ahead. Just a few days after officially launching his new tuxedo and suit rental platform, “Generation Tux,” where an entire formalwear outfit can be rented for $150, the former founder of Men’s Wearhouse was already coming up with a new idea.

“Maybe we can monogram the men’s shirts with the date of the wedding. It would be a great groomsman’s gift,” Zimmer told MR, later adding that there was no specific timeline for this project.

Zimmer has been not only throwing out ideas, but putting them into motion, for most of 2015. In the spring, he launched zTailors, a network of over 500 online tailors who can handle everything from denim to tailored clothing. (The company is working with such major retailers as Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, as well as individuals).

This month, he finally unveiled Generation Tux, a website that offers consumers a selection of 20 different tuxedos, 50 different vests, a variety of suits, as well as all the trimmings — and which he expects will appeal most to Generation Z. “Baby boomers used to dress for work and then come home and slip into a T-shirt, but now it’s the other way around,” Zimmer says, wearing a stylish blue wool suit from the Generation Tux line. (Suits rent for just $95.) “Now, suits are only for occasional wear, and very few men own tuxedos. In fact, last year alone, the tuxedo rental business did $10 million in revenue in the U.S.”

And while men will be wearing the tuxedos, Zimmer believes that women will be heavily involved in the decision of which tuxedo to rent – especially, brides, whom he considers a major target audience for the website. To that effect, the website also offers the service of a “bridal concierge” to help with everything from planning to last-minute details.

Moreover, Generation Tux is sponsoring a contest for “The First Couple of 2016.” The winning man will not only be clothed by Generation Tux, but they will be married by Zimmer (also outfitted in Generation Tux) on New Year’s Eve in New York City’s Times Square. (The winners’ prize package also includes a number of VIP experiences in New York, $2,500 in cash, and a 7-day honeymoon at the Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa.)

No, Zimmer isn’t yet ordained to marry anyone, but he’ll have that taken care of well before the ball drops. And perhaps by then, both Zimmer and the groom will be wearing shirts that have 12-31-15 on the sleeve.

Getty Images for Generation Tux
Getty Images for Generation Tux


  1. Good article. Nice to see George Zimmer back at work. (I really felt he got screwed by Mens Wearhouse)

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