by Stephen Garner

GMBHGmbH presented its “Survival Strategies” collection in the post-industrial landscape of Le Consulat in the 14th arrondissement in Paris on Tuesday. Featuring for the first time the debut of its women’s wear line taking inspiration from Serhat Isik’s Turkish mother and Benjamin Alexander Huseby’s Norwegian mother.

Founders Benjamin and Serhat continue the exploration of how and what humans implement to cope with adversity and the changing social and environmental landscapes.

Drawing from their own personal backgrounds as brown second generation European immigrants living in western society and taking inspiration from 1970s New Age utopias and cults, they delve into the resources and resilience we deploy to transcend through to a higher level during this modern Dark Age.

GMBHScience-Fiction, as the ultimate utopia, greatly influences the collection aesthetic with references to early Silicon Valley and vaporwave design.

Their signature iconography – hammers and stinging nettle patterns – spreads across the collection while workwear remains the core basis of their creative signature with pieces such as jumpsuits or worker belts. A direct reference to their middle eastern origins, embroideries are also ubiquitous.

The idea of support and structure can be seen everywhere, with back braces being a core piece of the collection, implementing the concepts of portability and versatility of gear.

GMBHThis season’s collection radiates with diverse handcrafted embellishment: embroideries, embossed surfaces, beads, stones, woven gold and silver metallic threads, mandala patterns enhance the spiritual dimension Huseby and Isik wanted to breathe into the collection.

The color palette ranges from vivid red to earthy colors like grey and sand, including orange and yellow with touches of turquoise.

As an essential concern for the designer duo, the protection of the environment and sustainability is a guiding principle for the brand with the majority of the fabrics used being recycled, reclaimed and organic.