by John Russel Jones

This Earth Month, GUESS is proud to launch its in-store customer recycling program in partnership with Homeboy Recycling, a certified and award-winning social enterprise. Homeboy Recycling is a mission-driven business that provides customers with high-quality reuse and recycling solutions, and employs people committed to transforming their lives after incarceration. Homeboy Recycling is housed within Homeboy Industries (HBI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and is the world’s preeminent gang rehabilitation and re-entry program. While their core business focuses on IT asset refurbishment and recycling, through this partnership with GUESS, Homeboy Recycling is launching a new category of services within the textile and apparel sector.

The GUESS recycling program is available to customers at all of its GUESS, GUESS Factory, Accessories and Marciano stores across the United States. Customers can bring in 5+ clothing items of any brand to any GUESS store and receive a 15% discount on their next full-priced qualifying purchase. Items will then be sent to Homeboy Recycling to be sorted and processed for repair and resale, upcycling and recycling.

“Our partnership with Homeboy Recycling creates a pathway toward the development of more sustainable products. This initiative represents another strong step toward our VISION GUESS commitment to develop more circular business models. The GUESS partnership with Homeboy Recycling creates economic opportunities for our Los Angeles community and offers a solution for apparel and textile waste,” says Carlos Alberini, CEO, GUESS?, Inc.

“For Homeboy Recycling, our focus is to develop businesses that create jobs and meaningful training opportunities in our community. After careful research and a pilot program with GUESS, Homeboy Recycling is thrilled to announce this new line of business. We learned that this type of program is aligned with the skill set of our workforce and fills a significant need for industry. We look forward to continuing this partnership and working with the industry to address textile waste,” says Chris Zwicke, CEO, Homeboy Recycling

As GUESS continues its path toward circularity, this partnership paves the way for more sustainable products and business models for the brand, and creates new opportunities for Homeboy Recycling and the larger City of Los Angeles. To learn more, visit