by Jim Giddon
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New York City! The foremost city in the world is definitely on its way back to greatness. However, I think the most operative term these days should be “NYC Light.” While the momentum continues to build, the city is still a cautious, slightly watered-down version of itself. While the intricate pieces of the NYC puzzle have been loosely re-assembled, we still need the glue that will hold them cohesively together again. That glue: the amazing office workers, residents, and tourists of NYC. 

While subways are filling and bars/restaurants are suddenly booming, the once-powerful and exceptional workforce still lags far behind. I estimate that only 15 percent of our local workforce in Union Square has returned to the office. Yes, people are still working remotely from their apartments, but we all know it’s far different than the magic of face-to-face interaction and collaboration.

Psychologically, NYC is almost back on track. Residents are trickling back in, and tourists are filling Times Square again. However, people are still walking on eggshells a bit, for fear of another pandemic wave. Ironically, courtesy and consideration have become the new codes of conduct. While the NYC toughness and grit are increasingly in evidence, I still think we’re a few old-fashioned NYC “F-bombs” away from being truly back. When we once again start hearing those trademark calls… NYC will be back for real! 


  1. Great insight Jim.. Always great to hear from you. Speaking directly from only my perspective, I was quite petrified all last year to go anywhere, and not just only fear for myself, but fear for my 91 year old Dad who I care for these days.
    It was a daily mental strain anytime my wife and I had to go out and even fully masked. But when we were both able to be vaccinated, that anxiety and fear thank God went away 🙏🥰. Shopping and connecting again with family and friends was just pure JOY. I’m even flying back to New York and Jersey for my High School 51 year celebration of graduation. Was supposed to be last year, but everyone smartly bailed until this year this September.
    I look forward to stopping by to say hi and feeling good hugging again 🤗 I owe you guys a few…
    I know you and your brother will survive these crazy times. Talent at your level always does. My very best to you guys and your beautiful families 🙏🥰♥️
    All the very best.. 😎

  2. Thanks Jim for shining the LIGHT on NYC! Well said.. indeed we are almost there and absolutely must set the example on how its done. #NewYorkStrong

  3. As someone who is only an hour and half drive away from NYC , with all due respect to Ken Giddon, NYC is no where near being back- not even close. With rampant crime, garbage on the street sidewalks piling up on the weekends, a police force that is demoralized and scarce commuters masking up everywhere- even though they are vaccinated- New York is indicative of many major cities in the Northeast. Older professionals like working from home, not to mention the people who chose to remain unemployed and collecting from the government. Now they have to be bribed to return to work and employers have to find creative ways to coax their staff to return to the office. Do you really think these people are thinking about their attire? I love NYC, normally I’m invigorated when I visit. It will remain to be seen if I feel that same way when I stop by next weekend to visit some of my friends in this crazy industry of ours.

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