by John Russel Jones

Harley-Davidson and actor/entrepreneur Jason Momoa have joined forces to release a new lifestyle collection, On The Roam x Harley-Davidson. This collection celebrates Momoa’s admiration for the brand, rooted in the principles of freedom and authenticity, blending seamlessly with his unique and creative aesthetic. The collection is released as part of Harley-Davidson’s H-D Collections, a grouping of unique lifestyle apparel lines.

The On The Roam collection combines ruggedness with Momoa’s signature aesthetic, resulting in a range of styles that are effortlessly wearable and exude a perfectly broken-in feel. From durable outerwear to timeless tees and shirts, each style from the collection is designed to endure the demands of the road.

Key highlights include the workwear-inspired cargo pant, graphic T-shirts, and tanks, and a leather pullover. The inclusion of H-D’s historical roots is represented within the designs like the Crescent Harley Hoodie which features graphics reminiscent of Harley-Davidson’s 1930s racing apparel and The Knucklehead Hoodie that is inspired by the legendary circa ’36 Knucklehead engine, Momoa’s favorite Harley-Davidson engine.

“The On The Roam collection was born out of my love for Harley-Davidson,” said Jason Momoa. “In this collection, we honor 120 years of Harley-Davidson, embracing the adventure, empowering us to write our own story- the freedom to wander in the wild and live in the moments.”