by John Russel Jones

Harris Reed, an emerging British-American inclusive fashion designer, in collaboration with Klarna, the global retail bank, payments and shopping service, has launched a competition to find emerging talent within the fashion community. The winner will have the chance to win a mentoring lunch with the Harris Reed. The competition, which is now open to entries in the United Kingdom and the United States, will challenge young designers to think sustainably and champion inclusivity.

“My vision is that inclusivity and sustainability will become central to the future of fashion. There is no better way to foster this eco-conscious, inclusive culture than to instill this in the next generation of aspiring fashion designers,” says Reed. “This competition builds on my previous work to champion gender inclusivity, and I look forward to meeting with the winner and future creative talent” 

Judged by the designer, the competition asks aspiring runway designers to design a look that best represents their fluid world, through a sustainable lens. While the competition is open to all designers, members of the LGBTQIA+ community are particularly encouraged to take part. Coinciding with London Fashion Week, the partnership was formed following Harris’ breakout year in 2021 where he designed a number of attention-grabbing outfits, gaining fame for large feathered headpieces and chunky platform boots for celebrities Harry Styles and Emma Watson. 

“Klarna has long focused on championing diversity and inclusion in all that we do,” says David Sandstrom, Chief Marketing Officer at Klarna. Partnering with Harris Reed for this competition is a great opportunity to back the future of British American fashion, itbuilds on our work both supporting the fashion industry and designers but also ensuring consumers have sustainable fashion choices open to them!” 

The competition starts today, closes April 28th, 2022, and is open to residents of the United Kingdom and United States of America aged 18 years and over at the time of entry. The winner will be selected no later than May 12th. Full terms and conditions can be found here