by Stephen Garner

As of Friday, April 10th, Eric Garcetti, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, mandated non-medical grade masks or coverings are now required in order to visit all essential businesses. The order also applies to front-line workers who continue to work at restaurants and other businesses which remain open during the COVID-19 outbreak. Under the order, all citizens must cover their noses and mouths whilst keeping a distance of six feet from others. The mandate includes the city of Beverly Hills, Burbank, Culver City, Santa Monica, and more.

As a result of this mandate, luxury menswear retailer House of Bijan is partnering with local Los Angeles-based medical face-shield supplier AcuShield to produce 10,000 face protectors. Made with 100 percent U.S.-made materials, and the same quality and standards trusted by medical centers and hospitals across the country, the shields provide complete coverage including the sides of the face, preventing all contact with eyes, mouth, and nose, offering a physical barrier from all airborne pathogens, infectious airborne droplets, accidental splashes, and unconscious hand-to-face contact.

The House of Bijan will distribute face shields throughout the city of Beverly Hills which has supported the House for the past 44 years, as well as throughout the city of Los Angeles to all first responders and local organizations on the frontlines.

“We at the House of Bijan feel it is our duty to help however possible during this difficult and challenging time,” said Nicolas Bijan, vice chairman of House of Bijan. “With the donation of this vital PPE we not only help our brave and selfless first responders but we also create safe jobs in our local community. These Bijan face shields will be distributed to our local government’s where they will be used on the front lines combating the spread of COVID-19.”

“We are honored to work alongside the historic House of Bijan who has generously placed an order of 10,000 protective face shields to be donated directly to our local first responders,” added Sam Sowlaty president of Acusheild. “We are proud of being able to pay back in a small way to the city we love and to our country.”


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