The Most Important Thing To Remember When Wearing Pleated Pants This Fall

by MR Magazine Staff

Like many of 2016’s trends—tucked-in T-shirts, the mighty return of socks, dad hats—pleated pants were once banished to the menswear retirement community but are now back in fashion. But as with any resurrected trend, there are rules the second time around. If it’s cool again, that means it was pretty recently not cool. So you need to be very intentional in the way you wear it now (that way friends, co-workers, significant others won’t be confused about the year you think we’re in). Actor Ralph Fiennes in his exaggerated double-pleated khakis may be too much fashion for most men, but what’s important to notice is the way he’s wearing his trousers. The pants aren’t a basic here—they’re the showstopper. They’re the focal point of his entire fit, paired with a tucked-in shirt and neutral penny loafers. You’ll want to do the same thing when wearing yours. Now, for those of us who aren’t Ralph Fiennes, here are a few suggestions for your foray into pleats. Read more at GQ.