Inside The World Of ‘Masculinization’ Fillers, The ‘Instagram Face’ For Men

What makes a man attractive? It might sound like an impossibly general question, but it’s one that Dr. Max Malik – an experienced practitioner at London’s Cranley Clinic, also known as “the face doctor” – gets asked on a regular basis. “Generally speaking, the ideal ‘attractive’ face for men is a masculine one,” Dr. Malik tells me, leaning slightly across a polished, mahogany table in his Harley Street office. He quickly details this face: low, flat brows with a ridge above them; strong, high cheekbones with flattened cheeks; a square, visible jawline and a pronounced chin. “It’s always been the attractive look,” he continues, explaining that a conventionally masculine face “should widen a little bit as it goes down.” But since the rise of social media, these proportions have been amplified: “men have been getting squarer and squarer, but there are limits to normality!” In the past, achieving this composite required painful, expensive surgeries. But now, clinics are increasingly offering handy packages of ‘masculinisation fillers’, which include jawline, cheek, and chin injections. Read more at Dazed.