What Is The Future Of The Fashion Show?

Do a Google search of “What is the purpose of a fashion show?”—the search engine’s most popular query related to the term fashion show—and almost 4 billion results come up. That will look like a lot of results to the untrained eye, but an insider will tell you that’s nothing. There is no topic more thrilling, and more likely to wind us up, than the purpose of a fashion show. But it’s not just the showgoers who are wondering for what higher purpose they are accruing both blisters and airline miles. As the international Fashion Week machine revs up for the industry’s first round of women’s ready-to-wear shows of the 2020s, it seems as though every corner of this business is questioning the purpose of fashion’s biannual system of organized weeks and hourly catwalks. “I think this is the big illusion in this industry, that it’s just about shows, but it’s not, really,” Loewe and JW Anderson’s Jonathan Anderson—by every measure a star of the fashion show system—told Vogue Runway at the end of last year. Anderson says the other aspects of his job as a creative director constitute at least 70% of his work. Read more at Vogue.