Is Sustainable Fashion Only For The Rich?

Before COVID-19 hit, industry insiders already agreed that the fashion system was ‘broken’. It has been for a while. Between the sheer speed and volume of the fashion cycle, to widespread discount culture, ethical issues surrounding garment workers’ welfare and the environmental impact, the industry has become unsustainable in more ways than one. And with fast fashion coming under increasing scrutiny we, the shoppers, are starting to take a more considered approach to what we buy. But there’s a problem: no matter how much you might want to shop sustainably, for many, the question isn’t a matter of wanting to be involved, it’s being able to afford to. Read more at Cosmopolitan.

One Reply to “Is Sustainable Fashion Only For The Rich?”

  1. I am not sure I go along with the articles perspective that sustainability is only for the rich. It is up to ALL of us to try a little harder. End of life for product is also an important part of sustainability / responsibility. Items can be reconditioned and or reimagined giving more life to the garment and keep it out of the landfill. These items can be less expensive for people bought post reconditioning. This can be a way for people to touch brands they never could , help the environment, and actually makes sustainability / responsibility real for everyone.

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