James Harden On Tunnel Fits, Shopping In Paris With Lil Baby, And His New Saks Role

Basketball has always been the most fashionable sport—after all, Michael Jordan helped launch the sneaker revolution. But the advent of the pre-game tunnel camera in the last five years, and the imperative it creates to look good, has taken things to another level, says the Brooklyn Nets player and noted dandy James Harden. “When you look back in the NBA, stars used to dress,” he mused in an interview last week. “But I feel like now, the emphasis [is on] fashion, to where we got runways in our tunnels. There’s cameras flashing—it’s like a show.” “You gotta put it on,” Harden continued. “You gotta put that outfit on when you walk into that game because there are going to be a lot of pictures taken of you. And then they’re going to be posted on social media. So if you want to be talked about, in a good way—or a bad way! Depends on what you got on,” you have to be into fashion, he said. “It’s kind of the culture, and it’s a beautiful thing.” Read more at GQ.