John Legend Hails Beginning Of A Men’s Suiting Revolution

John Legend is a man of many talents. Besides being a record-breaking singer-songwriter, TV presenter, and now publisher, he’s always got his eye on the next big thing in men’s fashion. So take note: now he’s looking to revive a quintessentially 70s suiting silhouette. Never one to be far from the frontiers of fashion, John Legend has previously done the unthinkable with combat boots and revived long-overlooked 1960s style trends. Now, at the launch of a new book on his very own publishing imprint, he’s announced the return of a killer seventies silhouette. Read more at Dmarge.

2 Replies to “John Legend Hails Beginning Of A Men’s Suiting Revolution”

  1. Nope…..I do not believe anyone will be able to return us to the days of “Suits 1970-1985”.The
    American male consumer has turned away from
    a “classic structured suit” and moved on to a
    less restrictive, more comfortable,”multi-use suit”
    that can be worn for either dress up or dress down. Suit makers have been trying to reverse this trend for several decades now to no avail .
    Soft constructed jackets and knits are here now
    along with transitional outerwear to complete the contemporary fashion look which allowed us
    to have all moved on… good luck to John Legend and his try to reestablish a long gone
    look. Honestly, It just looks old and outdated and belongs to the previous generations. And this is coming from a former “ Suitman” who loved
    and wore them for many decades…..It’s time to move forward …..not backward !

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