by Karen Alberg Grossman
John Tighe Peerless
John Tighe

John Tighe will be departing his role as president of Peerless Clothing International after leading the company for more than two and a half years. He will continue to work with the Peerless team to complete open projects and ensure a smooth transition.

CEO Alvin Segal thanks John for his years of dedicated service. “He is a true professional who has led Peerless through great growth and the current crisis. John’s ability to lead through turmoil has positioned our company to remain strong and prosperous for years.”

Macy’s GBM of Apparel Mark Stocker expresses utmost respect for Tighe. “John has been an exemplary retail partner. His knowledge of the retail and wholesale models has helped our tailored business achieve market share growth. He is always transparent and thoughtful about the overall approach to the business, and knows how to build lasting relationships with his key partners.”

Observes Karen Alberg, MR’s editor-in-chief, “From the beginning, I was amazed at how well John was able to rally the troops and sustain the work ethic and team spirit at Peerless. I never thought the close-knit design and sales teams that functioned so well under dynamic past president Ronny Wurtzburger could continue at such a high level under some one new. But John gained their trust early on, proving to be smart, driven, inspiring, and a real class act.”

Says Wurtzburger, “Knowing John the way I now do, let me first say that he will be a friend forever. He came to Peerless in a tough spot: a new person joining a powerful, successful company in a leadership role. But he bonded with our executive team — CEO Claire Saad and CFO Tony Nardi in Montreal, EVP Doug Raicek in New York — and did an excellent job. Like the true professional he is, he took the reins and negotiated with every major licensor and retailer we do business with. He made us proud of how well he handled difficult situations. As John leaves Peerless, some lucky company will acquire a terrific leader to get them through these challenging times.”

“The Peerless team is best in class, and it has been an honor to lead them,” says Tighe. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with industry icons like Alvin Segal and Ronny Wurtzburger. I will be cheering for Peerless as they emerge from this current crisis stronger than ever.”


  1. John I personally want to wish you all the best on your next venture.
    I am so happy that we had a chance to meet.
    You are a wonderful person and a fantastic merchant.

  2. I got to work a bit with John at Saks Off Fifth and then as I transitioned out and John is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with. Wish him the best and beloved Peerless their continued success!

  3. John Tighe is a class act with great ingredients, forged in his Merrimack Valley upbringing and early years at Filene’s – a training ground for great merchants. Wherever he goes, I will buy the stock and be rooting for him!

  4. Wishing you only the best of luck in the future, going to miss the birthday cake at Magic??
    a real class guy, stay safe and healthy

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