Kanye West Says He Was ‘Devastated’ When A Deal With LVMH Fell Through

In the summer of 2018, a video of Kanye West went viral. The clip showed the rapper hugging his best friend Virgil Abloh after the designer’s debut Louis Vuitton show. The tender moment captured the pair crying into each other’s arms, appearing to congratulate each other on what they had achieved – but it wasn’t long before rumours started to swirl that West himself was disappointed that he hadn’t scored the Vuitton gig. Now, the the iconoclastic musician has spoken about his feelings on that moment, in a new interview with WSJ. Magazine. Explaining that Vuitton’s parent comany, LVMH, once offered to back his own label Yeezy after its first show in New York, he said it was “pretty devastating” when LVMH pulled out of the deal without comment. West then went on to mention LVMH’s partnership with Rihanna, who also got the deal he wanted with her Fenty clothing line, which launched last year. Read more at Dazed.

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