Kanye West And Shia LaBeouf Are Sharing A Hat

by MR Magazine Staff

We’ve posited that Kanye West has borrowed a menswear flourish or two from actor—and very unexpected menswear idol—Shia LaBeouf in the past few years. (Who could forget those scrapped “No More Parties in L.A.” lyrics in which West said LaBeouf’s style was “fresh as fuck”?). LaBeouf loves to wear combat-ready army boots. West makes high-end combat-inspired boots for his Yeezy label. The actor likes tucking his sweatpants into his socks (and often into said army boots). The rapper/producer/KUWTK regular has styled looks for his Yeezy runway shows in a similar fashion. And now West has been spotted rocking a very particular baseball cap. A baseball cap that LaBeouf has also been photographed in. But we don’t mean they’re wearing a similar style or the same make. We’re saying that Kanye West is wearing The. Same. Exact. Hat. The same ball cap that LaBeouf was spotted in three years ago. Photos over at TMZ show a clearer view of the hat West was spotted in during a trip to Disneyland with his family. The khaki-colored cap bears the logo of United States Army Armor School, where soldiers are taught how to operate tanks. It resembles the insignia of the inactivated 2nd Armored Division that LaBeouf helped memorialize (if fictionally) in the 2014 film Fury. See more at GQ.