Left coast tee launches customizable digital catalogs for its retailers

by Karen Alberg Grossman

Gary Wasserman and Steve Sockolov, founders of upscale knitwear brand Left Coast Tee, (both with impressive careers in retail, wholesale, and design), have introduced an innovative digital lookbook for specialty stores to directly reach their customers. Says Wasserman, “These difficult times are ultimately leading to fresh thinking, new technology, and improved service. We’re hoping to add to that positive spirit with a custom platform to support and enhance sales and profits for our specialty store partners.”

According to Wasserman, their seasonal digital catalog (customizable by store) allows retailers access to Left Coast Tee’s global inventory via direct ordering through the tool, thereby leveraging their sales and margins with year-round, in-stock, well-priced luxury essentials (sourced in Peru, offering maintained margins of 65 percent).

“Our industry’s immediate and near-term future will be the toughest any of us have faced,” predicts Wasserman. “Brands, stores, suppliers, and customers are looking for modern affordable ‘bridges’ to work together in new ways. Stores must find ways to inspire their customers with the right product and enticing online content; brands must offer new partnerships and services to help stores stay in business. Everyone must find partners who understand our industry and can deliver services at affordable prices.”

It is for this reason that Wasserman and Sockolov chose Trideep Das at JollyBrowne as their technology partner. “Trideep’s intelligence, experience, creativity, and value in bringing solutions to reality for small brands and independent stores is unparalleled. I should probably be keeping him a secret but I’m hoping this project might inspire more brands to support their retail partners. As it’s often said of this unprecedented pandemic, we’re all in it together.”

For more information,  G.Wasserman@leftcoasttee.com or 831-277-3682.

See the brand’s spring/summer 2021 catalog here.


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