Levi’s Gives An Undiscovered Denim Icon New Life

by MR Magazine Staff

No doubt that when you think of the 163-year-old denim brand Levi’s, the three numbers 501 aren’t too far behind. And there’s good reason for it. The iconic cut is an enduring classic with a rich history. It’s been worn by everyone from blue collar workers to rock stars. But Levi’s isn’t built on just one style, and today they’re focusing on a new three-digit fit that’s just as iconic, even if it’s not as well known to most—for now, at least. “It’s funny, it’s like the secret icon, or the undiscovered icon of Levi’s,” says Jonathan Cheung, the brand’s head of design. “I call it that because everyone knows it and has seen it but they don’t know its name.” He’s talking about the 505 fit, which originated in the late-1960s and is being updated, modernized, and released today under the name 505C, a nod to the brand’s past but also a solid step forward in their ongoing evolution. Read more at GQ.