by Stephen Garner

For Levis’ spring/summer 2021 sustainably-focused Wellthread collection, the brand is unveiling new innovations and styles.

This season, Levi’s has introduced new fabrics made of a 55 percent hemp blend, new natural-dye techniques, the expanded use of organically grown cotton, and the recyclability of every Wellthread garment.

For men this season, Wellthread adds two new fits; the New Straight, an authentic straight fit updated with a zip fly, and the Stay Loose Crop in a comfortable lightweight hemp/cotton twill.

Levi’s will also continue to offer its most sustainable jeans ever, a garment made with organic cotton and Circulose, a breakthrough material made from worn-out jeans. Available as part of the Levi’s Wellthread line in the 502 for men and High Loose for women, the jean represents more than five years of research in circular denim design.

To celebrate the plant-based nature of this collection, the brand’s lineup of graphic tees features a range of plant-based themes and images. Illustrated in a vibrant color palette and dyed using natural dyes, each graphic tee is both a celebration of and testament to Wellthread’s commitment to preserving the natural environment.

“Our Wellthread design methodology prioritizes environmental sustainability in the materials we use,” said Una Murphy, senior innovation designer at Levi’s. “This spring we continue to refine and develop hemp, seeking ways to optimize it for our collections. Our hemp denim products not only meet our customers’ expectations of authenticity and comfort but also reduce our garments’ water footprint.”

“We’re proud to bring forward this latest Wellthread collection,” added Paul Dillinger, vice president of global product innovation at Levi Strauss & Co. “It builds on all the work we’ve done in the past and continues to expand the future possibilities of design that makes sustainability the top priority at every step of the process, while still delivering product that consumers will love.”


  1. Levi’s should be more concerned about there cancellation of accounts that didn’t make there minimum purchase requirements in 2020. Many small town mom and pop merchants could not meet those figures due to closure and reduce business because of the pandemic. Class act Levi’s I think not

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