by Stephen Garner

Lululemon is expanding its Lab collection to 45 mainline stores globally across North America, Europe, and Asia, with the full breadth of the collection available online for the first time. Inspired by the cross-section of fashion, function, and design, Lululemon opened its first Lab concept store in Vancouver in 2009 and later opened two more stores in New York City.

Lab products are designed to provide solutions for urban-dwellers, providing technically-minded and aesthetically-motivated garments for modern life. Under the design leadership of Ben Stubbington, senior vice president of men’s design, the Lab’s fall/winter 2019 collection focuses on Lululemon’s Sweat and Office Travel Commute categories, with new fabrics and technical attributes within arresting silhouettes.

The Lab’s fall 2019 collection is now available in select stores globally and online.