Meet The Man Making Paisley Print Cool Again

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s in Milan that many of the most creative and commercially important designers are based and it’s in Milan that they show their respective collections to the world’s press and buyers. It’s also in Milan that the most diverse stylistic differences exist among the attendant brands. Head to an Armani show (Emporio or Giorgio), for instance, and you can be sure that you’ll be faced with a syrup-y collection of luxurious griege tailored pieces, each of which will come finished with a distinctive slouch in the shoulder. Head to Dolce & Gabbana and you’re in for a heap of Sicilian-inspired glitz and glamour. At Prada it’s all about the future and Gucci is the home of ultra-expensive magpie fashion – at Gucci more is always more. At Etro, however, the story is different. Where at some shows the models are little more than too-thin children with hollow cheeks, at an Etro show you can expect long-haired models of advanced years to walk the runway, occasionally with their dogs. Read more at British GQ.