Meet Times Square’s Newest Extravagance: 46 Stories Of Maximalist Retail On Steroids

by MR Magazine Staff

The TSX building, as it’s been dubbed, is a three-year project that will begin construction in early 2019. It is a maximalist vision of futuristic retail. The space can support concerts overlooking a massive audience in Times Square and broadcast the performance via a giant screen that encompasses the stage and wraps around the edge of the building. Inside, it has a 75,000-square-foot flexible space equipped with cameras, sensors, and Wi-Fi, all of which can be used to collect tons of consumer data on the millions of people that are expected to walk through the building each year. This is the future of brand advertising: death to traditional retail spaces and ad media as we know them, replaced by gargantuan spaces intended to sell consumers products through “experiences.” Read more at Fast Company.