Ankari Floruss
by Stephen Garner
Ankari FlorussAnkari FlorussAnkari FlorussAnkari Floruss
Menswear bloggers Moti Ankari of The Metro Man and Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street have teamed up to launch their own premium men’s footwear brand, Ankari Floruss.

Inspired by each day of the week, the Ankari Floruss fall 2016 collection, which retails between $195 to $295, offers seven core styles ranging from a brogue oxford, a Chelsea boot, brogue boot and a low-top sneaker – each available in versatile color ways. Designed in the United Sates and crafted in Spain, the collection concentrates on the core styles needed to complement the wardrobe of successful men every day of their lives.

“We’re both shoe fanatics, but we wanted to created our very own, timeless styles, so we developed the concept together, found a silent partner with decades of experience in the footwear industry and put together the collection,” Floruss told MR. “Our business partners are handling production and they found a factory that matched our needs.”

As for what may be in store for this new company: Ankari plans on sticking to shoes for the time being. “For right now we are going to stick to shoes,” he told us. “We just launched and this is our main focus!”