Menswear In 2020 Is Looking A Lot More Feminine

by MR Magazine Staff

Welcome to the future. In the wake of September’s various fashion weeks – and also just the upcoming change in the weather – I’ve done a review of various spring 2020 menswear collections. I’ve come to one conclusion: menswear is soft now. Going through all the photos saved on my phone from June, the overwhelming trends are belted jackets, short-shorts, and transparent fabrics. Which may say more about me than it does menswear, but bear with. While the consensus has been that menswear has been a bit more GNC in the last few years, I think it’s worth noting that the trend goes a bit deeper than just models in skirts. See more at Fashion Journal.

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  1. The real question is not what’s on the runway but what are people actually going to wear and whether this feminine influence will actually filter down into the stores that customers are actually purchasing things in or for that matter online purchasing

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