Menswear movers: michael hill

by Stephen Garner


Creative Director, Drake’s

 Karl Edwin Guerre, photographer and founder of the popular blog Guerreisms, interviews Michael Hill, Drake’s Creative Director, in July 2015 at MRket New York. Directed by Karl Edward Guerre and Jason Jean of Citizen Couture and shot by Notion Blvd.

MR Magazine and MRket joined forces to produce the new Menswear Movers video series. These one-on-one interviews by Karen Alberg-Grossman, MR’s Editor-in-Chief, William Buckley, MR’s Fashion Director, Michael Macko, menswear industry veteran, and Elise Diamantini, Vanguards Gallery Account Executive, focus on high-powered industry execs and as well as creative innovators discussing the most relevant topics of the day.  CLICK TO VIEW FULL VIDEO SERIES.