by Karen Alberg Grossman

Part apparel store, part art gallery, part trendy bar/cafe, part neighborhood hang-out, this 10,000 square foot fashion emporium draws you in and makes it tough to leave. More than its fabulous men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, its outgoing and educated sales staff, its dynamic presentations, gorgeous paintings and photographs (all for sale), unique assortments from top brands, and strong focus on custom and exclusive product, the main attraction of this special store is clearly its special owners.

Jody and Ron Morneault first met on a blind date: each ran his/her own store but, between two larger-than-life personalities and two big egos, it was hardly a sure bet.  “I wasn’t certain at first,” Jody confides. “But ultimately, I found Ron to be a real gentleman, intelligent and kind, so we got married. Then in 1985, I went to work for him.”

Clearly, they’ve established a healthy balance: both of them work more than full-time at the store but never get in each other’s way. Jody does most of the buying and marketing, Ron handles custom business and customer relations. Not surprisingly, they’ve catered to many of the same customers for 45 years, leading them to the newest trends within their comfort zones.

More than a merchant, Jody is also a life coach, licensed to do counseling, energy work and guided meditation. She’s a minister who credits her unlimited energy to a divine source. As a community volunteer, she helped create the business improvement district with a side street closed to traffic where she often puts on fashion shows.  She’s most proud of the fact that there’s no homeless problem in downtown Hartford since community police are trained to get mental health services to those in need. In many cases, this police force works with Journey Home, a non-profit organization funded by corporate donations that provides affordable housing to those in need. According to Jody, affordable housing is in fact a reality in Hartford.

She’s also taken in many inexperienced young people as trainees, noting that they inspire her with their fresh point of view. “As independent retailers, we have the power to create the next generation of apparel merchants. I find this most rewarding, especially when we turn lives around in the process.”
Asked what’s hot in menswear, Jody rattles off her list. “Definitely tailored clothing, especially made-to-measure from brands like Trinity, Trans, Byron and Coppley.  (Tip: grooms are buying green since everyone else at the wedding will be in blue or gray.)  With Hickey Freeman up in the air, we’re starting to work with Oxxford, still made in Chicago.” Also hot at Stackpole: 7 Downie Street. “Young guys love it, especially the half-lined sportscoats ($395-$425) in various fabrics that somehow fit everyone. Also selling well, our own collection of fine woven shirts ($265) and ties ($195) out of Italy. In shirts, knits are outpacing wovens (call out to Gionfriddo for his perfect-fit printed cotton knits out of Italy, $215). And in pants, Alberto is out in front with their Ceramica, Tencel, and other lightweight fabrics in well-fitting models, both five-pockets and side pockets.”

For her fashion intuition, positive energy, and the occasional meditation session as needed, it’s worth a trip to Hartford just for Jody!

Morneault’s Stackpole Moore Tryon
242 Trumbull St
Hartford, Conn. 06103


  1. Niki and David Rubenstein say hello and congratulations. We miss you but love to see the great success.

      1. Jody and Ron are two of the best people I know in every aspect of life!! I’m so grateful to have them in my life!

  2. Working with Jody and Ron over the years and with different collections, I have found their enthusiasm for fashion infectious. Jody and Ron have a great eye for fit and I am honored to help with her charities from time to time and also to work with them each season.

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