by Karen Alberg Grossman

Mr. Sid in the Boston area has just introduced a fabulous collection of men’s and women’s made-to-measure clothing, their first foray into the women’s business. The collection is aptly named Sidney; the aesthetic is powerful, sexy, classy, and just the right amount of edgy. The Segels describe it as “broken elegance,” targeted to a 40-55 demographic at an average ticket of $3,600.

“It’s really beautiful stuff,” says Stuart Segel with much pride, “created by a European designer who had her own collection for many years and entirely crafted in Italy. The shoulder is unbelievable: powerful but soft. And the details are special: small dart-like pleats on the pants, no belt loops. Of course, it remains to be seen how women will adapt to the whole made-to-measure experience. Women like to shop, browse, try on… this is a different experience.”

But perfect for male and female executives who want a stylish, authoritative look that’s not too conservative or cookie-cutter. What’s more, what a great way for the Segels to grow their business beyond their existing walls. The collection was launched last week in the Newton store (transformed into a jazz club) to much acclaim; it will be introduced this week at the Seaport store and then at a trunk show in NYC. Pop-up shops are another option going forward.

Congrats to Stuart and Barry Segel and to Barry Wishnow, a menswear pro who helped the Segels conceive and spearhead this project (and who happened to work at Mr. Sid early in his career!) What goes around…


    1. Congratulations! Smart move! I suggest fabrics from Piacenza, Columbo, and Drago in particular for their luxury and performance qualities.
      Scotti the Schmatalogist

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