Nike’s Mark Parker On Imagination, Innovation And Art

by MR Magazine Staff

It takes a truly insatiable creative appetite to find your way to the top at Nike, a company which has long been acclaimed for gnawing at the bit when it comes to innovation in design. In the case of Mark Parker, who this year celebrates his tenth anniversary as chief executive officer of the company (and his 37th, no less, as a designer there) his hunger for the new is as acute now as it ever was. By placing values accrued through his rigorous design training at the forefront of what the sportswear behemoth does, Parker has played a key part in revolutionising sportswear. In short, form follows function, and there is always potential for more change, more innovation. On this he is resolute. “When I started at Nike as a designer I was always asked, ‘what more you can do with shoes that hasn’t already been done?’” he told AnOther, in a moment out from the action-packed Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro this summer. Read more at AnOther.